About the Professional Representation Network

The complete contracting services provider

The Professional Representation Network began in the US, where it was apparent that unlike comparable professionals, contractors often do not enjoy the kind of extended support that drives career progression.

Now Professional Rep has become a leading independent contractor network, with more than 10,000 individual Associates and over 400 recruitment agency partners. We provide exclusive career advice, job matching, financial advice and help with services such as CV optimisation and contract negotiation.

From identifying fresh, exciting opportunities through our recruitment partners to expertly negotiating contracts on your behalf.

Our leading consulting services are the coming together of over 40 years of experience from within the consulting and representation arena. We combine our decades of insight and knowledge with a creative, future-facing approach to finding and facilitating your next contracting role. We keep abreast of your industry and use all of our expertise to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring you have the edge in your market.

Partnering with agencies – a market innovation 

Excellent relationships with recruitment agencies is a key part of what makes the Professional Representation Network so successful. We have a vested interest in keeping contractors in work, and our network of 400 specialist recruitment agencies spanning many different sectors is designed to give more opportunities to contractors across the world. If it’s out there, we are more likely to find it.